Saturday, February 26, 2005

Episode 2 Part 1

According to during Koror's way to their new island they had an outrigger capsize that lost them their reward to make fire. So when they finally got to this new island they were not a happy tribe. Then if that was not devastating enough, while sitting around talking and trying to stay warm they noticed that their lovely new home was infested with rats. Since they were not in good spirits they didn't get their shelter finished. Then just when they all thought things could not get any worse; they were wrong. At that moment the sky opened up and it began to pour down rain. The morning after their first tribal council, Ulong sat down and discussed what to do about a leader and making decisions. They had decided the decisions would be made by a committee with no specific leader. During this discussion Angie Jakusz just stood in the background and just listened to what everyone had to say. She said according to, "I don't want to be too pushy or forthcoming. I wanna just make myself a valuable asset to this tribe. If I don't, I'll probably be on the chopping block again."

Once again it was time for everyone to get together and compete in another challenge. This challenge was only for reward and it is called "Gauntlet". Jeff explained that this challenge would involve balance. One survivor from each tribe would have to run through a "gauntlet" bridge requiring them to cross several floating obstacles over the water in order to collect flags on the other side. I know you think that sounds kind of easy and it would be if you didn't have two opposing tribe members hurling swinging bags of sand at you while trying to get across. If a player gets knocked off into the water they have to start all over at the beginning. The first tribe to get all ten flags wins that reward that includes fins, mask, and a Hawaiian fishing sling. The competition got off to a great start until Katie Gallagher had a tremendous amount of trouble finishing the rope swing. This setback allowed Ulong to jump to a big lead and ultimately got them the victory.


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