Saturday, February 26, 2005

Episode 2 Part 2

After the reward challenge back at the Ulong beach Angie was gladly accepting congratulations from her tribemates. In my opinion she seemed to do 100% better during this challenge than the one before this one. "She went into her Challenge and dominated--I mean, completely dominated--and it totally changed the whole morale of our whole tribe," Bobby Jon Drinkard said after a much needed reward challenge.

When Koror returned to their island, they decided to try to find their reward that was lost to the sea and hopefully lift their spirits after their defeat in the reward challenge. They started to paddle out and realized it was not going to be easy with the very rough currents. 23-year old Ian Rosenberger, dolphin trainer from Florida, decided to start diving and after several attempts to retrieve the crate with the fire-building materials, he came up one last time but this time he had the crate with him.

When Ulong was finished with their fishing expedition they returned with a giant clam. They made a clam soup for dinner that night and it was much needed because they had not eaten in four days. While everyone was enjoying their soup, Ashlee Ashby secluded herself from the tribe. It was apparent to her tribe members that she was losing her will.

It seems to me that some true romance is brewing at both camps, or there are four people with very similar strategies. As the night goes dark and cold at Ulong Kimberly and Jeff snuggle up to each other for comfort and warmth and that exact same thing is happening at Koror with Gregg and Jennifer.

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